Birth Announcement Card Tips and Etiquette

Read below to find out how to have the perfect birth announcment card and tips on sending birth announcement cards.

Who do I send birth announcement cards to?
Anyone and everyone! Some people just send to close friends and family but others send to 100 plus, remember it is one of the most exciting moments of your life, so share the excitement with all.
Often grandparents would like to send some out as well, so ask them if they would like copies.
A rule of thumb is send them out to everyone you feel will share your excitement.

When should I send birth announcement cards out?
Send them as soon as possible after the baby is born. Before the birth you can select a design, decide on your wording, list of recipients and if you want to be really prepared you can buy your cards in advance and I can send you the envelopes to write out the addresses beforehand, we can then get the right card to match your photo after the birth Ė we just need to keep to the same envelope size!
If you are unable to send them out within a few weeks, why not combine a birth announcement with a thank you card for all those wonderful presents.

What do I include on the birth announcement?
Have a look at our cards for inspiration, or include a poem or popular phrase.
Include the babies first and middle name or their full name.
Birth Statistics, you can include birth date, weight, length, and time/place of birth.
Family details, include parents' and other family members' names.

What if my baby has a low or high birth weight?
If you feel that the birth weight is too high or low feel free to omit it from the card, you can always add something else instead, for example thank you for the gifts. My children had very high birth weights and I new this would be the focus so I omitted them from my birth announcements and just told people when they asked.

What if I am not married to my partner?
It is absolutely fine to either use your forenames only for all, or just the babies surname. Or use both surnames, as most of your friends will know that you are not married.

Birth announcement card with a photograph or not?
Completely up to you, my orders are probably 75% photos and 25% no photos, they both take the same amount of time to process.
Donít put yourself under too much pressure to get the best photo, you could even send a photo thank you card out a few weeks after the birth.
Both ways are widely accepted.

Do I need to write a handwritten message on each announcement?
You can but your friends and family will totally understand if you donít, they will appreciate how busy a time you are having.