Photo Tips

How to ensure you get the best photo for your card design.

  • Take a look at the photos we have used and try to find similar photos
  • Take lots
  • Keep background simple
  • For a baby place them on a pillow, cushion covered with a plain light coloured cover.
  • Get close up
  • Get down to their level
  • Try and capture different expressions
    • Laughing
    • Sleeping
    • Yawning
    • Playing
  • Composition, try portrait and landscape.
  • keep your subject in focus. Most cameras automatically focus in the centre frame, but many will let you focus on your subject in the middle, press the shutter down halfway, recompose, and then press the shutter all the way down to take the picture
  • Lighting
  • Look where the shadow falls
  • Quality of light, where does the light come from
  • Use natural light if possible
  • If using flash, make sure it is not bouncing off objects in the background
Photos need to be -
  • Digital photos sent in the JPEG (.jpg) or TIFF (.tiff) format.
  • Prefer 4 x 6 image
  • Pixel on camera at least 1200 x 1600
  • full colour, we will change to black and white or sepia if required

If you do not have a digital image, send your original by post to use and we will scan it for you (small charge applies), or scan your image at 300dpi (high resolution) and send it by email to us.

Send all photos to or upload photo during personalisation process.